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Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 11:09 am

I just realized I never wrote about my birthday. It was great fun. Lots of people, lots of alcohol. Not everyone that I hoped would make it did, but I had fun with those who did, lots of it. Meg and Kat both provided choclate goodness, which through my diet out the window but who actually diets through their birthday, hehe. I feel alittle guilty that I didn't spend alot of time with everyone but I kept getting pulled back to the alcohol by the people inside and before I knew it I missed much that happened outside. Including, I hear and awesoem drum session. That's the only reason I prefer parties at my house, I can't get too far away from everyone, easier to mingle. Though It likely wouldn't have been nearly as much fun here, and I know the guys wouldn't have had as much fun, hehe.
I'm still not really ok. Ian is worried about me this time. I think he should be. I want to go shopping and drown this blahness. But I close today and tommorrow. The weekend it work and bachlerette party and picking up dress. All of this busyness isn't different for me. How many journals have I written just listing all I was doing in a day. Why is it all so draining right now? Anyway Ian go invited to the Bachlor party and I think he should go. He was worried about not realy knowing alot of the people going and this would allow him to get to know them some. He's worried about money, limo, bars, drinks, yup they cost it. And I have the bachlorette party on the same night spending a large quantity of that same thing. Why did this have to hit now? I just want to not worry about money, or anything else for that matter and have fun. I had such high hopes for living my life and enjoying this summer. sigh....
Oh, other news I'm finally going to be scheduling my sleepover party. Those invited are Rachel, Kat, Meg, Danielle, Stephanie, possibly Melissa. No one is allowed to say no, lol. If it is an issue for anyone we will probably just reschedule. I was thinking August 20th. Kind of end the summer kinda deal. What do you all think?