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Wed, Sep. 14th, 2005, 04:38 pm
shameless sales pitch

Robbie is selling stuff for school again! No pressure but it was a nice catalog so I figured I'd drop you a not and let you know. The catalog is actually online at www.winter-wonder.com or give me a call and you can see the paper version. You can call or email me if you want to order anything from the website. I will need to know and have the money by Tuesday the 27th of September.
I know I haven't posted in awhile, some stuff I'd rather not say here and large amounts of busyness have taken care of that. But I'm still here and well.

Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 12:14 pm

Sick and cowardly. That's all I can say. My thoughts go out to all the families of those killed and injured.

Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005, 11:09 am

I just realized I never wrote about my birthday. It was great fun. Lots of people, lots of alcohol. Not everyone that I hoped would make it did, but I had fun with those who did, lots of it. Meg and Kat both provided choclate goodness, which through my diet out the window but who actually diets through their birthday, hehe. I feel alittle guilty that I didn't spend alot of time with everyone but I kept getting pulled back to the alcohol by the people inside and before I knew it I missed much that happened outside. Including, I hear and awesoem drum session. That's the only reason I prefer parties at my house, I can't get too far away from everyone, easier to mingle. Though It likely wouldn't have been nearly as much fun here, and I know the guys wouldn't have had as much fun, hehe.
I'm still not really ok. Ian is worried about me this time. I think he should be. I want to go shopping and drown this blahness. But I close today and tommorrow. The weekend it work and bachlerette party and picking up dress. All of this busyness isn't different for me. How many journals have I written just listing all I was doing in a day. Why is it all so draining right now? Anyway Ian go invited to the Bachlor party and I think he should go. He was worried about not realy knowing alot of the people going and this would allow him to get to know them some. He's worried about money, limo, bars, drinks, yup they cost it. And I have the bachlorette party on the same night spending a large quantity of that same thing. Why did this have to hit now? I just want to not worry about money, or anything else for that matter and have fun. I had such high hopes for living my life and enjoying this summer. sigh....
Oh, other news I'm finally going to be scheduling my sleepover party. Those invited are Rachel, Kat, Meg, Danielle, Stephanie, possibly Melissa. No one is allowed to say no, lol. If it is an issue for anyone we will probably just reschedule. I was thinking August 20th. Kind of end the summer kinda deal. What do you all think?

Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005, 05:58 pm
Public service announcement

I'm having a mental breakdown. I'm done. I can not handle anymore 'need to do's' or 'need to spends'. Have a lovely day.

Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 09:19 pm

My party will be at John's likely, if the weather is nice.

Sun, Jun. 26th, 2005, 09:34 pm

What a weekend. Started pilates Friday. Man, what a work out. The little one laughed at me the entire time. I think it shall make me look good if I can stick to it, but I am pretty determined so I think I just may. Saturday sore and tired I spent the day at Hershey Park walking around, hehe. It was hot but not unbearable and I am not yet too old to enjoy roller coasters, good stuff. Granted after Saturday they may just be out of the picture, hehe. Then it was off to Dave Matthews Band concert, long into the night dancing. It was a good concert though, and that is saying something considering I didn't know any of the music. I must say I imagined a Dave concert as being much more peaceful, there were several brawls that threatened to break out throughout the night. I blame it on the heat. Good times though, actually wish I had known more of the music I probably would have had even more fun. Then today to the park to walk with Steph, gotta get in exercise every day. Really was too hot though and we only made it like three laps, I'd have prefered 6 or 7 but as it was once I got home I was getting stomach cramps from lack of water and I was drinking the whole time. So we sat on a bench and watched Robbie play for awhile and came home. Later Ian met Robbie and I for a swim at Poppops and a burger dinner. More good stuff. Tommorrow work and helping Rachel with wedding stuff. Busy busy summer, but I think I'm having fun. I know I'm getting tan which doesn't happen, usually white to red and back to white. Saturday is my birthday. It's seemed to sneak up on me this year. Knew it was coming and talked about it but didn't realize it was this close. I've been let into the loop. The party is at my house, around 9ish to start. Going out for dinner with the family first. Further info upon request.

Sun, Jun. 19th, 2005, 04:34 pm
Warning: addicting


Fri, Jun. 17th, 2005, 01:41 pm

Ok, the birthday party will be on July 2nd (Saturday). We looked at it, looked to work it around and change it, but Ian and I took these days off monthes ago and it really isn't possible to move it around and still enjoy the night. So that is that.
Also, on June 25, I'm looking to form a get together with some of my friends. I have a 3 day weekend and a babysitter so I was thinking some sort of fun activity. Maybe the shore or something, or maybe just lunch. Let me know if you are available.
Robbie graduated last night. So very cute. I am a proud mom. Not to much else I want to say. Most of my friends are in the midst of issues, and I can't do anything, I feel helpless. Off to work, have a wonderful day.

Thu, Jun. 2nd, 2005, 10:45 am

Exactly one month until my birthday. Let the festivities begin, hehe. Not sure what we are doing yet, Ian and I are discussing. Dunno if I will know until that day even. July 2nd is the day though, and it shall be fun whatever it is. Hope everyone who is anyone shall join me, hehe.
Summer seems to be in full swing with me going out and having fun at ever chance I get. Often involving alcohol. What? Is that a bad thing? hehe Unfortunately my house is suffering the consequences of said fun so I have to get back into the clean of things.
Robbie graduates preschool in two weeks. Can't wait to see that. Gotta remember to tell the family. Oh and for anyone who was wondering, three more A's in school. Still at a 4.0 after two semesters. Go me.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 11:07 am

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